Friday, April 29, 2011

Looking back at the Westminster Abbey project

Royal Wedding, originally uploaded by petrus01.
Or graphic about the British royal wedding was finally  Thursday's paper closing two intense weeks of work in this project.
Some details: the building is Lightwave 3d model created in some 500 hours with a 600k final poly-count. I used mostly pictures and aerial views as reference but managed to find some simple frontal elevations and floor-plans that were used as scale.
The final image is the usual multipass sandwich: colour, occlussion, alpha...etc put together in Photoshop were several adjustment layers were applied to give the diagram the desired "sketchy" look.
The carriage illustration was created by our in-house motion graphics dude Sohail Al-Jamea in Autodesk Maya. You can take a look at some examples of his incredible work here.
The  project also includes a motion graphic/ interactive of the story. The animation has 2 basic segments. The first one, a flyby and inside look of Westminter Abbey, was rendered in Lightwave. For the second one, Sohail used Maya an its awesome organics animation tools to recreate the royal carriage motion. The whole package was edited in After Effects.
Finally, the online package was assembled in Flash by Kat Downs, who also added a very ingenious time-lapse walk-trough of the wedding parade.

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