Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bye bye Space Shuttle

Washington Post Shuttle's last mission.

Las week I published what could be my vey last Space Shuttle infographic. As a space exploration enthusiast and a professional visual artist, NASA's spacecraft will be sorely missed. Over the years, the Shuttle was the focal point in many of  the most fun projects I've been involved, directly or indirectly.

Shuttle return to flight graphic. Houston Chronicle 2005

Still fresh in my memory is this piece created in 2005 for the first Shuttle mission after the Columbia disaster. It was the first time I was commissioned to create a complex 3d model and the that effort taught me most of the tricks I still use in my daily work to this day. 

So, farewell Space Shuttle and lets hope that your replacement arrives soon.


Caleb Jamison said...

The shuttle is not the only re-usable spacecraft ever. The Russian Buran shuttle was of a very similar design.


Alberto Cuadra said...
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Alberto Cuadra said...

Caleb, the Buran was a "clone" of the Space Shuttle, very true, but only made one unmanned test flight in 1988 before being retired from service. In the graphic we say the "world's only reusable manned spacecraft".



Christine said...

This is great!